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By | 8th May 2017

Hi Readers


Easter came and went so fast. Now May is whistling by! One of the congregation said this week that another of our flock had accidently cut their leg, and needed some good quality first aid, or maybe triage to hospital. So she phoned her little granddaughter up, who DROVE round, with her own extensive medical kit, sorted the cut admirably, and all is well. She still looked at her little granddaughter as just that, not a woman, driving, with calm, proficient skills far beyond the patient or the grandmother, who said to me “Doesn’t time fly”!

When I was at school I focussed ahead on passing my leaving exams, not the past, or even the events around me. After my exams, I had a great time in the Police Cadets, but didn’t notice them then. At that time. I was focussed ahead on getting my ‘warrant card’; becoming a Constable. I thought, “That is when I shall be ‘IN’ my time, at that point in the future I will ‘start living.’

But as a Constable the focus continued forwards… to buying a house, maybe promotion, marriage, maybe when I’m a Dad, or retire, or even a Grandad.

As I type our own ‘little’ granddaughter has just come out of hospital, receiving medical attention, (thank you so much all within our NHS).

Time flies because many of us fail to live in the ‘here and now’. Psalm 90:12 says, ‘So teach us to number our days that we may get a heart of wisdom.’

Stop rushing. I need like many to really do this. Take some time. Look around and really SEE people, HEAR conversations, and embrace what God has given each of us TODAY.


Be richly blessed, Pastor Andy.

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