Prayers needed for CAMI in DRC (Feb 6th)

By | 6th February 2024

For Security
We have received requests for prayer from our men in Lubumbashi who are experiencing extreme security issues. It is not just a local problem, it is something which is prevalent throughout Congo, especially in the main towns. There is no control, as police are afraid for their own lives. Almost every night raiders enter houses in gangs, with machetes, knives and crowbars to break down doors, steal and cause harm. Some have guns, and shots are heard throughout the night. Many of the CAM workers have experienced these very frightening break-ins, even when they try their best to put up walls and security measures to protect their families. Needless to say, they are traumatised. They don’t sleep, hearing every little noise, but then must be up early to get to work and ‘function’. Their children are begging them to find a solution, eg, to leave for Zambia! In our comfortable UK homes, where crime is low, it’s easy to forget that there are people who are crying out to God for help. Please pray with them for peace and protection.

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