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By | 1st June 2017

Hi Readers
Summer is here! May is ending with a glorious heatwave. Praise God! And praise Him again for the many blessings we have had individually and as His church. One of these was the Churches Together in Bourne and District service we held last week. Around 80 ecumenical Christians gathered and song hymns old and new. And it was a real privilege to hear Rev. David Hughes playing hear (grammatical joke!) again.
Kay has made 45 ‘Prayer Kit Boxes’ which fit in with Archbishop Justin Welby’s ‘Thy Kingdom Come’ prayer week. If the churches became church, what a presence Christianity would display!
We also had our first ‘Canon J John’ evening. These will normally be the 2nd Wednesday every month at 7.30pm, all welcome.
Canon J John is emphasising the importance of the 10 Commandments. They are in reverse order, so this month was Exodus 20:17, the 10th, ‘You shall nor covet anything of your neighbour’s.’
To ‘covet’ is to want something that is not yours. Sometimes described as ‘the grass is always greener on the other side.’ As a Christian we should remember that God has a perfect plan and purpose for each of US, and not to compare and contrast ourselves with others.
The Bible says, ‘Envy rots the bones’ (Proverbs 14:30 NIV 2011 Edition) and the New Living Translation paraphrases it this way: ‘Jealousy is like cancer in the bones.’
Please remember that God is all-powerful. Therefore, He and He alone created you. Please remember that God is all-knowing. God knowingly, intentionally made YOU, yes YOU! And finally, that God loves, (in the present tense) you so much that He is always with you and will NEVER stop this.
So…As you journey through June please remember you are never ‘less-than.’ God does not make mistakes. He made you, loves you, and keeping those 10 commandments makes great sense.

Be richly blessed, Pastor Andy.

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