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By | 27th March 2017

Hi Readers.


As I type this we look forward to the clocks ‘springing’ forward, longer evenings, and warming our bones in some long-awaited sunshine!

Looking back over February we have enjoyed studying the letters of the Apostle Paul to young Timothy, leading the new cosmopolitan church at Ephesus. On several occasions Paul likens church to a loving family, with Christ as the Head and we believers as adopted siblings.

This brings back memories of my only brother, Chris. Like most families there was sibling rivalry, but also much fun, and looking after each other in the playground through to later life. Sharing weddings, births and deaths. It is so important we spend time and enjoy our families. It is all about relationships.

We were just a small family of 4. In our church family, we have around 50 people in our Morton New Day and around 15 at Dyke Chapel. Let’s get to know each other better, have some fun, and look after each other.

Paul tells Timothy what holds our individual, and church, family together is love, which comes from a pure heart and a good conscience and a sincere faith.

As we approach Easter we think of Jesus Christ heading to the cross. For each of us. Because He loves us so much. Through faith in Him we are given a fresh start; a pure heart. If we obey Him we enjoy a clear conscience. As we follow Him we grow individually, and as a church family, in faith.

Have a blessed Easter. Pastor Andy

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