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By | 30th November 2015

Hi readers. Our church activities are growing. Each week we now have 4 Small Groups, 3 kids clubs and much more! It is vital that the activities we run, we do well. In October the Small Group Leaders attended a training day run by EMBA,( East Mids Baptist Assn), and each group is flourishing. Tuesday 8pm is John at Haconby, Wednesday 10am Stan at church, and 7.30pm Derek at Twenty & Bernard at Bourne. The 3 Kids group have increased as well, with Tots Tuesdays 10am, Lighthouse 4pm, and YYC Thursdays at 6.30pm. Please call me direct for more info.We have the privilege of hosting the EMBA Leaders training day 16th Jan. We have the opportunity to send members on accredited EMBA courses for Worship through January, Preaching in February and Change Leadership in March. Again, contact me direct if you want to get involved. Last week Maureen agreed to lead our new Singing group, and Daphne our Carol singing around the Homes this Christmas. ALPHA starts every Tuesday, 7pm from 19th January. Again, phone or email me and I would be delighted to tell you more about Alpha, or anything else that I can help with. Finally I return again to our sole purpose for not just church life, but our entire, 24/7 existence; to love Christ and follow His direction. So lets not just wander aimlessly through the busyness of December. The word ‘mass’ means to attract, a body. We know who Christ is. So lets keep in mind when we put the 2 together what CHRIST-MASS is all about! Be blessed, Pastor Andy 🙂

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Married to Kay, 4 great kids, 4 beautiful grand-kids, and a motorbike! Retired Police Inspector, Theology degree from Mattersey. Love God. Didn't know Him until 40 years old. Have a heart to tell others He is true, and we have significant reasons to base our faith. Blessed with a growing family church which is a privilege to lead.