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By | 26th October 2015

Pastor’s Blog November 2015

Dear Readers.

As I type this the clocks have gone back an hour, the scarf surfaced from under the stairs to walk our dog ‘Lucky,’ and the central heating has clicked ‘on.’ We have the Light party next week, fireworks the following week, and before we know what it will be Christmas! Where did the summer go? As we get older I am firmly convinced time seems to flow by a lot easier. When we begin to appreciate this, it changes how we perceive and appreciate the preciousness of time.

Thoughts and feelings that bring us down are rooted in our past. We can learn from the past, but we cannot re-live it, or live in-it. The author said that depression hooks into our past, and it is healthy to identify those hooks and let them go.

Similarly, anxiety and stress are linked to our future. We sometimes worry about what might happen, and begin to create scenarios that can grow into walls that press into our present.

We need to live in the present. The today. Yes we learn from the past, we need to make wise choices for our future, but it is right and proper to live in the present. God sent Jesus so that Believers may have life, and have it to the full. Matthew 6:33 tells us not to worry about worldly ‘stuff’, and tomorrow’s ‘unknowns’. We are to seek God’s ways today, right now, and life will then be lived ‘to the full.’

So this season prioritise your life. Make real decisions about your time. How about spending time with loved ones? Think about those that maybe are not so busy at Christmas. Could you maybe just give them a call? Ask how they are doing, and really listen to their answer. Or a visit? Maybe arrange a meal with them.

God gives us over 100,000 heart beats every day. Time slips by so fast. Make time for God in your life. Seek His ways. Live your life to ‘the full.’

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