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By | 30th September 2015

Hello MND visitors.

Due to our family being blessed with both a Spring Harvest holiday in France and Grapevine in Lincoln, I have missed a blog!

August has seen Tom & Julie Hamilton take over the coordination of our shop, Morton New Day 2. The staffing roster is working well, the shop display very well presented,  and our customers seem very pleased with how things are running. Thank you to all our volunteers.

After the success of our Summer Holiday Club My wife Kay has started the Lighthouse Club. This is for Reception to Year 5, (4 to 10 ‘ish) Tuesdays 4.30pm to 5.30pm.  The club is already busy but more visitors are very welcome.

We have another Home Group starting Wednesday 7th October, 7.3pm,  at Bernard Chases’ home by the Grammar school. Please speak to me or Bernard (01778-394654), for more info.

Please see the seperate link for our Light Party for 31st October. It is going to be great fun for the kids (and helpers!)

We are currently looking at Acts, and how Barnabas was the great encourager.  Please be encouraged that God perfectly loves each and every one of us, through this faith we receive Grace, and ALL THINGS are possible as we walk with Jesus.  So be spiritually confident, walk tall, and share your faith in words and action.

Be blessed. Pastor Andy.

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