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By | 28th March 2016

Hello Readers.


Christ is Risen, He is Risen indeed…hallelujah!

We have just been blessed with an amazing Easter Week. On Palm Sunday we realised there were 2 processions into Jerusalem. From the West came Pontius Pilate exalted high on his chariot, with a huge army, drums & horns, flags and more. From the East came Jesus, sat on a baby donkey, with nothing. The people in Jerusalem were divided; which king should they follow?

There is a parallel for all of us today. The worldly King is all about external show and power. Pride, subjugating and manipulating the crowd for our own gain. The Spiritual King is the complete contrast. Jesus came to draw people’s attention not to Him but His Father, empowering His followers and teaching them for their gain…and His imminent crucifixion.

I know which King I am following…do you? Have you heard about Him? Do you want to meet Him? Please come along 10.30am any Sunday to our small, friendly church.

Easter takes us through the crucifixion and out the other side. After 3 days the tomb really was empty. It was hard even for His disciples, who had lived with Jesus for 3 years, to grasp Jesus literally rose from His grave. Doubting Thomas poked Jesus’ wounds.

And then the penny dropped. The Bible had been saying this would happen for over 1,000 years. Jesus told them it was going to happen, but like many today they just couldn’t grasp this. And it really did.

I’ve met Jesus. I have significant reasons for my Faith in this historical fact. He is always with me and never forsakes me. As I follow my King I experience my purpose, my freedom, and I want to explain to others who asked the same questions I did into my 40th year.

Drop by Morton New Day this Sunday morning. Don’t wait. The procession does not go on forever!


Be blessed, Pastor Andy.




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