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By | 22nd August 2017

Hi Church family.

I hope and pray you have had a blessed Summer and the daylight takes its time (ha ha!) before Autumn sees the evenings draw in.
Kay retired from the Police at the beginning of the year and to mark this hired a chateau in France for family and friends to join us on holiday. Near Limoges we had 17 stay and had a fantastic time. Kay and I cycled every morning, enjoyed good fellowship, food and fun. I particularly enjoyed reading a book, ‘Extravagant’, by my Bible College teacher Dr. John Andrews. All 11 books he has authored are highly recommended and can be found at
From September, we start 2 exciting church activities; the first is the new weekly Sunday service called ‘Family at 4’, which…wait for it…is for families at 4pm. Now ‘families’ can mean different things to different people. We mean ‘family’ in the broadest sense. I am hoping all people of all ages feel they belong, and want to join in. It will only have a short talk, trying different ways of knowing God and living this out in our daily lives. It will be different from our main 10.30am Service, and if you have time you are welcome to both!
The second new weekly activity is on Tuesdays at 8pm. This is the ‘Prayer Engine.’ This will take different forms, but is very much about our Spiritual connection with God, again knowing our Father God through His in-dwelling Spirit, and again living this out in our everyday stuff.
I see our church as a real family, and all that goes with that. The difference is our perfect Dad! He made us, loves us, is fully in control, gives us free-will, never leaves us and wants us to hold His hand. If you haven’t met ‘our Dad’ yet, please come to Morton New Day. We are like the chateau in France, you are very welcome, please come and visit!
Blessings, Pastor Andy.

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