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By | 23rd August 2018

Pastor’s blog for September 2018


Hello readers.


Hopefully you are reading this having been blessed with a relaxing, refreshing and blessed summer holiday period.


I type this after our 7pm to midnight prayer evening, and prayer has certainly refocussed and recharged my batteries!


The theme the last 2 months has been found in James…’Faith that Works.’ For us individually and as a community church we need Faith first…in our hearts and heads, and after the Faith part, God will guide and empower us to get stuck into the Works bit!


God has done everything…from Creation through His living example, crucifixion, resurrection and Holy Spirit indwelling. As you begin to wrestle and grasp this, you then see God’s example is the right Way, this is the all-powerful Truth, and as we follow His example we enjoy the full Life, both on earth and eternity.


God is alive, present, and waiting. James 4:8 says ‘Draw closer to God, and He will draw closer to you.’ This is what Christianity is all about…this personal relationship.


If you have never really given the Christian faith any thought, and you are reading this blog, or you have Faith, but want to draw closer…I encourage you to Stop/Look/ Listen.


Stop rushing and take stock of your current life.

Look at Scripture, ask questions, enjoy the peace & power of Prayer.

Listen…as you draw closer to God, He will touch your mind, heart and soul.


Holidays refreshment fades, but time spent with God empowers you now, and forever!


Be blessed,


Pastor Andy <><

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