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By | 3rd October 2018

I write this blog on holiday with the family in New York city. A very special time in many ways.It is our 25th wedding anniversary and I bought Kay a new ring.Becky was very interested,  asking of she could have an older ring Kay has. Then Billy talked about jewellery.  And it got me thinking. I have 3 items;1. A wedding ring. This symbolises and reminds me of the importance of relationships, starting with Kay, then kids, expanding ever outwards. Who is important in your life? Please appreciate them intentionally.2. A watch. This reminds me God gives us only a finite time. We all die. How do you and I make the most of each precious day?3. A cross on a necklace. I take the ring and watch off every night.  I never take the cross off. This reminds me Christ died for me, dwells in me, and unlike relationships and physical time, is perfect and forever. He is author and answer for love and time.
If you would like to get closer to Christ, please please contact me or a Christian you trust anytime. I didn’t know Jesus until I was 40. I don’t need to be on holiday to be blessed. Jesus lives in our hearts! Perfect relationship…forever!

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Married to Kay, 4 great kids, 4 beautiful grand-kids, and a motorbike! Retired Police Inspector, Theology degree from Mattersey. Love God. Didn't know Him until 40 years old. Have a heart to tell others He is true, and we have significant reasons to base our faith. Blessed with a growing family church which is a privilege to lead.