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By | 30th August 2016

Hi Readers.


I type this at the end of a very joyful August. The ‘Big Event’ for this month has clearly been the wedding of Steve and Cherry Smith. What a truly fabulous day. The message ‘Love is seen’ was clearly evident and appropriate. Thanks to all the church that really pulled together, and we ask that God richly bless their married life.

Our 2nd Holiday Club saw 21 young people in ‘God’s Plaice’. Yes, that is a pun! We had Ann dressed as Charlie Chips, me as Todd the Cod, and Kay as ‘the big blue fish with no name’!

An impromptu BBQ after Holiday Club saw friends and young ones sharing food, chat and laughs with our wider church. It was nice to see Jo, Steve and Izzy again before they leave for South Africa.

The Family Service to show what we got up to is this Sunday 4th Sept.

Grapevine, now called ONE, was superb. Kay and I have been to 11 now, and they just keep getting better. Several of our church camped or visited, including Margaret Clark residing in a tent! Great teaching, worship, and fellowship with like-minded friends. A highlight for me was Margaret trying to get into the 18-30yr old ‘Authentic’ venue one evening. The security doorman explained they could stretch the age upto 40. But in his opinion Mrs C was exceeding even this. Then we realised we all are over, and shuffled off to the ‘Oldies’ marquee! (View the video ‘Margaret Clark Vs Security’ on I am sure we would have livened up their barn dance.

We have just concluded a sermon series on the Lord’s Prayer. What a joy this has been to look at again and appreciate He truly is OUR Father. All of us. And He wants the very best for us. All we need to do is reciprocate His love and follow His direction. If you would like to find out more about which direction that is, and what this might look like for you, please come and join us any Sunday at 10.30am. We’d love to share this Good News!


Be richly blessed, Pastor Andy.

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