Central African Mission update (end Aug 16)

By | 31st August 2016

Here are the prayer items for Newslink, 30 August 2016.



Lloyd Rowlands will be speaking at the Living Waters church this evening and tomorrow (Weds) evening. Pray for him. His weekend seminar was postponed, so will have to wait until later in the year now, as he and Sandy are taking a break. Sandy has finished her devotional notes for the Lighthouse School. She is busy preparing for their leaving Congo next Tuesday for a break in Australia. Lloyd plans to return to Lubumbashi in November; Sandy will stay in Australia until after Christmas, to spend more time with their two sons, Gareth and Michael, who are both at university. Pray for Lloyd and Sandy as they prepare to leave their work in good hands and pack up for this trip home.

Carol Seymour and Ginny Perkins had a good week, with all their ministries going to plan. Thank God they are able to bless the prisons they visit with food – adding soya now to enrich the maize flour they give. Ginny had a good time teaching on worship at the Lighthouse Church on Sunday. Pray for those who meet there to be shining lights, witnessing to those who are in darkness in their communities. Pray for TV/Radio recordings on Thursday to go well.

Prof Mwamba, Director of ISTELU Bible College, reported back on his Pastors’ Seminar at Kabongo, held during the College’s vacation. It went very well and was well-attended. Thank God for this teaching opportunity. Pray for the pastors’ ministries to be strengthened as a result. Pray for Mwamba as he takes a seminar at Kipushi this week, that his teaching will have a great impact that will bless many churches.

Sad news. We’ve just heard that Kyungu, son of Simon, a senior Congolese worker at the Living Waters Centre, has died in hospital. Two weeks ago he was badly beaten up after an unpleasant incident. Please pray for Simon, his wife and family at this difficult time, with investigations still going on into what happened, etc.



Gordon McKillop is glad to have his wife Sybil with him again at Nyangombe. Thank God for her safe journey back from Scotland last week. In recent weeks, 23 visits have been made by Nyangombe teachers and some pastors to surrounding villages, where churches have come together for teaching on evangelism and discipleship. Praise God! Prayer requests: (1) For a court ruling expected next week following the disputed presidential election result. Pray that peace will be maintained in Zambia. (2) For 1,000 children at Nyangombe for Camp until Thurs. Pray for great blessing. (3) For a large inter-church celebration over the weekend.



Thank God that CAM is supporting 65 Ethiopian church planters on a regular basis. Pray for more individuals and churches to help the Mission shoulder this burden.



Wanderley & Rosaria da Silva are concerned about the crisis in Mozambique: peace talks have been suspended, with no cease-fire agreement. Pray for security and peace in this nation. They are also worried about the situation in their home country of Brazil, with the president’s impeachment trial. As they write, ‘Only God can change the situation of both nations.’ Pray for peace of mind for the da Silvas as they seek to continue their ministry in Chimoio. Pray for the ongoing work on the Vocational Training Centre, especially with the water shortage in mind. Pray for success with their request for a regular mains supply on site.


Thank you for praying. Your prayers are greatly appreciated by all our CAM personnel.


Compiled by Lyn Ramsey. The next Newslink will be sent on Tuesday 6 September

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