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By | 29th October 2016

Hi Readers.


For the next 4 Monday evenings I am attending the EMBA ‘Equipped for Change’ course. This is because ‘change is constant; it is the rate of change that changes.’ We heard on the course, “If it isn’t changing it is dead.” So as a growing church we are changing. But we need to change in line with our aim of ‘God ‘in’ – love ‘out’. Our reason for being is to bring God’s love into our church family, and take this out to our community to transform people’s lives. Hence the course…to get some wise advice!

There is one thing, however, that never changes. This is the only one I can think of. And also the most important. God.

Hebrews 13 says He is the same yesterday, today and forever. In fact, this Scripture dominates the main internal wall in our fellow church at Dyke. This message is important because we need something solid, at the base of each of our lives

Morton New Day had a thorough refurbishment over a decade ago and through good stewardship all the important things are fine. In my 3 years we have upgraded the sound desk and speakers. We have TV monitor for the Worship Team. Recently the guttering causing damp was repaired, and the affected area plastered. In the next few weeks we are having 5 folding soundproof frosted glass doors fitted behind the organ. Curtains are being made, and Derek will be painting the following month. So changing we are!

So it is good that are building, again through careful stewardship, is becoming more functional and attractive.

But we need to remember we are not about the building, or the sound system, carpets, and all that stuff. No! We are here for one reason, to love our never-changing God and take this Good News out to our community.

So community…if you haven’t ventured in to Morton New Day Baptist church, please pop in at one of our many weekly events, and I believe you may just experience the greatest change ever!

Be richly blessed, Pastor Andy.



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