Pastor’s blog November 2018 ?

By | 21st October 2018

Pastor’s blog November 2018.

I have had the privilege of leading several Alpha courses over the years. In fact Alpha was a big part of my becoming a Believer aged 40.

Most people, over the 10 or so weeks, agree that than facts ‘stack up’, that Jesus existed, submitted to an unjust, excruciating death,  was resurrected, is therefore still alive as ascended, and therefore we should love and follow Him.

But so often, people conclude by saying something similar to, “This is is good news for you, but I am…(too old, too fat, too young, my past is so bad, etc…), so this person seperated themselves from the Truth that they have already agreed to!

It is Biblically very clear that Jesus came to ‘wipe away’ our stuff that we think separates us from Him. I liken it to a toy I had called ‘Etcha-Sketch’. I would draw anything, normally rubbish, want to start again, and could just slide a grey ruler from 1 side to the other. My slate would be clean, the screen blank, and I had the opportunity to draw something new.

Please do not , through your own freewill, separate yourself from the perfect love of God because of your previous stuff. Through your own simple Faith, Jesus wipes your personal slate clean. There is NOTHING separating you and God. Look at the facts surrounding Jesus, ask Him in, and do not be deceived that for, whatever reason, you are not good enough. He made you, loves you, and is waiting.

If you want to know more, call in Sunday to Morton 10.30am, Dyke 6.30pm, or get in touch with me anytime. I made this step 14 years ago, and would love to tell you more!

This really is the simple, yet profound, Good News.

Pastor Andy.

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