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By | 21st November 2018

Hello readers.

As we get older our perspective changes.  This is due to a variety of things,  the main being we mature through surviving ‘the school of hard knocks.’ The best advice my Dad gave me was, “Don’t make the same mistake twice!’ 
Yesterday, for the first time in around 40 years, I returned to my Secondary school down in Hampshire. I felt again the anxiety as I had peddled towards it. The huge gates. The buildings were so big I thought I would just be ‘swallowed up’, let alone navigate my way around, and even learn stuff in it!

As I journeyed through my education, the buildings became just classrooms, and I adjusted. Since then I have worked in some very imposing buildings, but again I adjusted.
But what I appreciated yesterday was, through my eyes now, the school is tiny, in fact I felt somehow deflated that the anxiety and awe was gone.

Have you ever heard the expression, ‘I wish I knew THEN what I know now’?

Well I got another glimpse of this at a large funeral we had for a lovely lady this week. She lived her life adjusting to hardship, getting the bigger perspective, or overview, of problems as they inevitably crop up, and her view was so big she conquered all these apparently big issues with wisdom, maturity, and the bigger perspective. She walked by Faith, not by sight.

Please do not let present problems dominate. Face facts, make good decisions, and journey on, in Faith, adjusting as you grow.

God journeys with you, and is ahead of you. Reach out. Hold His hand. His perspective is perfect, His love for you is perfect, and together your perspective will change.
Be blessed,

Andy Mc.

Wow!  Thank you.

We are off about 11am tomorrow and back home sometime Wednesday, not sure quite when, depends if Den needs us for anything.

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