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By | 28th January 2018

Pastor’s blog.


Hello readers…

2018 is off to blessed start. As I type this, new families attended both our 10.30am and 4pm services today.

At our Member’s meeting last week we voted for Kay McManus to be recognised as a Deacon, overseeing church activity with all our young people and ladies. We also voted to become a partner with Groundlevel. There is much more information about them at ‘’. In short, we clearly keep our Baptist identity, they merely advise, share best practice, and equip us in many areas to move ‘Forwards in Faith.’

The Chip & Quiz evening was a great success, with over 50 attending. Thanks to Darren running our local Morton fish & chop shop who did a great job feeding us all!

We have had a request for another film night, after the success of Hacksaw Ridge. Please let me know of your preferences.

As a church we have focussed on making 15 mins per day of ‘quiet time.’ I encourage each if you reading this to be intentional with your time. Silence is so powerful. And culturally becoming more and more rare! Try and set this time aside. Keep a notepad nearby. You will be surprised and inspired where your mind takes you!

If you don’t normally attend our churches at Morton and Dyke, why not be intentional about that? New families are taking this decision, making time, and I hope and pray they are similarly surprised and inspired. It would be great to meet you.

Please contact me anytime about anything. We want to be your ‘church without walls.’

Be richly blessed

Pastor Andy.

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