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By | 20th March 2018

Hello readers…

As part of my training at Bible college, I had the privilege of seeing the work of Central African Mission International, (CAMI). This charity was started in 1915 by 2 preachers setting out from Preston in Lancashire with a heart to tell, and show, God’s love for all. It is hard to show the amazing work the following 243 missionaries did, and are still doing, but 1,000’s of churches have started, hospitals built, prison services and baptisms, training in medicine, agriculture and teaching. And much more continuing!

In 2010 I stayed in Zambia, got involved in their work, and became a Trustee. I have since visited Lubumbashi In DRC, become good friends with Carol & Ginny, and as many of you know they have preached twice in our church and we try to help them in prayer and finance.

I want to raise their profile and some funds. On April 16th & 17th I am cycling from Morton to London. Knowing my limitations, I am staying in Cambridge overnight! I cannot blame the poor weather for my lack of training. Fortunately, I have been helped by Charles, who trains with me, and is doing the first day to Cambridge.

If you would like to sponsor me, all monies go direct to Carol & Ginny’s school, ‘The Lighthouse’ and Kay & I will match whatever is raised. Bourne Rotary pledged £60 as I type, (thank you Richard!).

Finally, I hope and pray this Easter you hear the story of Jesus afresh, the significance of His resurrection impacts you anew, and on a Sunday at 10.30am or 4pm you are compelled to come in to MND, or 6.30pm at Dyke. Grasping the resurrection inspired those 2 missionaries, is changing Africa, still growing in me, and I pray touches you too.


Be richly  blessed,

Pastor Andy.




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