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By | 28th November 2018

CAM INTERNATIONAL        –        NEWSLINK        –       27 November 2018

Dear Prayer Partners,

Thank you for joining us in prayer this week. ‘Don’t be anxious… but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God’ (Phil 4:6). Here’s our latest news to help you praise and pray for the work of CAM International in Africa and in UK.

Congo elections: these have been scheduled for 23 December. Tension is building and there have been some incidents of unrest and gunfirein Lubumbashi recently. Please pray for the country at this critical time.

Carol Seymour and Ginny Perkins had an excellent visit last Sunday to a Bike Evangelism village church. There were over 50 children present at the meeting. Carol and Ginny encouraged the leaders to start a Sunday school, promising to send them some literature to help with this. Praise God! Pray for the church as they seek to minister to all these children. On Thursday, more TV/Radio broadcasts will be recorded. After this, Ginny has the opportunity to take two assemblies at the Living Waters (not Lighthouse) church primary and secondary schools. Pray for God’s blessing on the broadcasts and the assemblies. Next Sunday, Carol and Ginny hope to visit the Buluo (high-security) prison at Likasi. Pray for their ministry to encourage and bless the prisoners. Thank God that the shelter is already being built at the Boma prison (mentioned last week).

Lloyd Rowlands has been enjoying Sunday ministry opportunities: last Sunday he spoke at ‘Rehoboth’ church and this coming Sunday he will preach at another Pentecostal church in Lubumbashi. Pray for God to speak through him to challenge and bless these churches. Pray for him as he takes part in a radio broadcast on Friday. Sandy keeps busy with her English lessons at ISTELU Bible College; she has also enjoyed providing meals for an Italian visitor at the Centre for a week (his organisation rents one of the CAM guesthouses.) Pray for her.

Water shortage in Lubumbashi: Good, regular rains are now falling, praise God! It will take a while to replenish the water supplies. In the meantime, our missionaries and local folk collect the rainwater that runs off their metal roofs. There has been a wonderful provision for their long-term water problem: the local mining company has agreed to drill a borehole (very deep, narrow well) at the Living Waters Centre – free of charge. They have started to bring equipment today. Thank God for this very generous gift.

Sam Livingston has sent an update about the youth camp at Mujila the weekend before last. It went well, with over 120 young people from a variety of churches. Sam remarked on the unity the youth experienced and the ‘great impact of the Word of God on their lives’. Praise God! This weekend Sam will be speaking to 200+ young folk expected at Nyangombe for a 3-day youth camp.Pray for a great time, when these young people are challenged by God as well as having fun together. Pray too for Gordon & Sybil McKillop, settling back into their work at Nyangombe.


Wanderley & Rosaria da Silva arrived safely in Brazil, their homeland, last Wednesday, after a very long journey with some delays. They are so happy to have been reunited with their families. Having had a few days to rest, they are now starting on their medical appointments. They hope that they will be able to get a lot of these checks done before Christmas, to avoid a rush in the New Year. Pray for God to overrule in the timing of these things.

Thank you so much for all your prayers, which encourage and bless our workers.

OUR MISSIONARIES AND MINISTRY PARTNERS Much missionary work is routine and repetitive, but prayer support is still needed for our personnel in their regular ministries:-

Carol Seymour and Ginny Perkins, based at the Living Waters Centre, Lubumbashi, CONGO, work together in prison ministry, village church evangelism and media broadcasting. Ginny works with children and young people at the Lighthouse Project.

Lloyd & Sandy Rowlands are based at the Living Waters Centre, Lubumbashi, CONGOLloyd helps with maintenance of the Centre and has developed the orchard to teach grafting and other skills. He ministers in local churches and conducts Development seminars. Sandy teaches English at ISTELU Bible College and looks after hospitality.

Gordon & Sybil McKillop, based in Nyangombe, ZAMBIA, minister in Bible School teaching, youth and children’s work and church visitation. Gordon specializes in farm supervision, skills training, and maintenance of buildings, vehicles and machinery. Sybil does medical and pharmacy work and Sunday school ministries.

Sam Livingston, a new missionary in Nyangombe, ZAMBIA, is a youth worker evangelizing through Christian clubs in schools, football coaching, sport and computer skills.

Wanderley & Rosaria da Silva, based in Chimoio, MOZAMBIQUE, are setting up a Vocational Training Centre (VTC), running a pre-school and evangelizing in a deprived area of the city.

Daniel Habtey (CAM partner), based in Huddersfield, UK, is an Eritrean pastor who arrived as a refugee and is now committed to helping Eritreans and other displaced people with integration in churches and communities. CAM partners with him in his ‘Joseph Project’.

Kudzai & Sanel Mandizha (CAM partners),based in Harare, ZIMBABWE, work on a daily basis to feed and minister to needy street kids in Harare. They also have a ministry to childless couples, sharing from their own experiences. They have launched a church and aim to hold monthly leadership seminars.

Bahati Masuka (CAM partner), based in UK, is from TANZANIA and is planning visits there of 2-3 months to set up and run a Leadership Academy. He will train church leaders as well as church members involved in secular work, especially those with influence in the Government, the legal system, etc.

CAM supports Church Planters in ETHIOPIA, enabling them to take the Gospel into unreached areas.

Thank you again for your faithful prayers! Your interest and support are greatly appreciated by all our personnel.

Compiled by Lyn Ramsey

The next Newslink will be sent on Tuesday 4 December

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