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By | 14th October 2019

It says in the Bible…Rom 10:9  If you declare with your mouth, “Jesus is Lord,” and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved.

The key is your own decision. If you accept Lord Jesus Christ as your personal saviour, turn from your old ways, commit to love & follow Him, you are a Christ-follower; a Christian.

If, as a Christian, you want to join our church, (which I hope you do!), we have 4 stages.

  1. Speak & chat with me over a coffee.
  2. As in the Bible, declare with your mouth either; a) to the congregation, or b) preferably as you are baptised, or c) simply transfer previous membership.
  3. Our current members vote, (more of a welcome!)
  4. You are formally welcomed at next available Communion.

This all might seem what the Old Testament called ‘legalism’, but is quick & easy. As we chat I can explain what we’re about, listen how you might get involved, and together grow as disciples (learners!) and show God’s love in our community.

Please phone me anytime on 07931-652718 if I can explain further.

Be blessed, Pastor Andy.

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Married to Kay, 4 great kids, 4 beautiful grand-kids, and a motorbike! Retired Police Inspector, Theology degree from Mattersey. Love God. Didn't know Him until 40 years old. Have a heart to tell others He is true, and we have significant reasons to base our faith. Blessed with a growing family church which is a privilege to lead.