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By | 11th June 2020

We live in the Manse, number 29. The church rent out the adjoining house, number 31. At the end if their garden is an area of church owned land, about 1/4/ acre with large trees.

Unfortunately this land is ‘land-locked.’ The only access is through the garden of Brenda at number 27, or the builder Phil at 33. Neither want to buy from us, and this has been the case for a few years.

Last month Phil complained large branches of ours were falling on his back garden. I checked and saw this was true. I suggested a ‘win-win’ would be for Phil to buy from us, he sorts the trees, and he can make use of the land, as no-one else can access it.

He offered me £2,000. A separate chat ensued about spending that money on our church shop, and he said he would do any plumbing needed for free. But that is a side-issue.

I got professional advice from Stephen Knipe, surveyor, who visited the land. He said the offer was reasonable as long as Phil agreed to pay all the legal costs. I put this to Phil who agreed.

I am sure you have lots of questions. The Leadership team have prayed, talked and pondered. We have decided in favour of selling this land.

This is a big decision, and we seek your views and opinions. Please phone or email me in the first instance. Moreover, I will be talking this through at our church meeting this Monday 22nd at 7pm. Please ‘zoom’ in using the BLUE zoom link on our home page.

Thank you and God bless, Pastor Andy.

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