24.Mar, copy of church email…

By | 24th March 2020

Good morning church family.

“Don’t touch, BUT KEEP IN TOUCH”

Please phone me on 07931-652718 anytime, about anything.Things are changing fast, (this email is already out of date!)

I have 3 the F’s…(although one might not start with an F!)
1) PHONES.    Your new friend. Use it. Phone people. If they dont want to pick up you’ll soon get the hint!

2) FOOD.    Any supplies you need phone ME and I will sort. This will be taken over by the council soon, but church please phone ME.

3) FELLOWSHIP.    We are posting daily videos. See & hear at ‘mortonnewday.co.uk’ 

Church leadership are looking at best ways of ‘doing church’ over these next 2 months, including group chats on ‘Zoom’, a 24hr prayer hour divided into 1 hr slots, a Prayer line where you just phone ME and is circulated appropriately, and more. Please email or call me with ideas, etc.
Church is mothballed and being deep cleaned for the big WE ARE BACK service which is soon and inevitable.
Yep…this is only temporary, so look to Jesus, our hands are empty, His hands took the nails, His hands are open for you, and His hands will NEVER let you go!

Be blessed, keep safe, and please keep in touch.–
Andy Mc.

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