By | 9th October 2022

My sister and I recently saw a saying in a charity shop window which was:

“If you are more fortunate than others, it’s better to build a longer table than a taller fence.”

This anonymous saying sums up what We all should strive for and is the subject of todays prayer.

Dear Lord

As we go through our week, help us to be grateful for what we do have rather than what we can’t afford.

Grant us the wisdom to know the difference between want and need, to give freely to those less fortunate whether it be our church collection, volunteers collecting for charity in the cold or buying extra cans for the food bank or animal shelter. All these small gestures do not affect our standard of living but can affect someone else’s.

Before we get caught up in the next new thing we must have, whether it be another holiday, a bigger house, better tv, faster car or the latest iPhone, remind us to stop and remember that all we need, You supply us with it. We have shelter, warmth, food and love.

Grant us an attitude of gratitude and each day may we give thanks for our family who love us, our friends who understand us, even our pets who give us company. All these things are freely given to us.

Help us Lord to build a longer table


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