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By | 23rd February 2019

Hello readers.
Spring is here! We have longer and warmer days. We seem to enjoy more time each day. But how do we spend our time?
My personality type is ‘activist/pragmatist’, which has some advantages of engaging in many tasks, but at the expense of taking time to just think, reflect, and ponder.
Our church strap-line, is God IN, Love OUT. Like a heartbeat. 2 actions, in that order, constantly.
To take God ‘IN’, we all have to be intentional about our time. To EN-joy our time we need to IN-joy regular time just pausing, praying, journaling with God.
As part of my Ministry training, I have the privilege of monthly meetings with my Spiritual Director,  Wendy. There always seem more urgent tasks on these days, but as I drive home I realise Spiritual time is my best time.
Why not join Wendy and I on Saturday 16th March, 9.30am till 3pm, for learning and practicing Spiritual in-filling? This is free, all it costs is your intentional use of your God-given time.
Be blessed, 

Pastor Andy 

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