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By | 8th March 2020

Hello Readers.

John our church secretary has over 50 names in our updated Contact List. “Thank you!”I was asked recently to compile a little article about our church activities for ‘Discovering Bourne.’ It made me realise how much is going on, and it was difficult to summarise what we do. What a great problem to have! This should be in their next edition.Kay and I attended the East Midlands Baptist Association, (EMBA) conference. The theme was ‘Lead well.’ Leadership can be described as ‘influencing others.’We are all leaders, in our homes, church family, community and beyond.People subconsciously copy others they admire, an example being local dialects.It was surprising how quickly our children lost their London accents when we moved here.For each of us, to lead well, we need to lead OURSELVES well.This is best tested when we are alone. How we behave when no one else knows.Our local school headmaster did not know I could see him, as he walked round the edge of the school.He picked up some litter, I said “hello”, he was surprised as thought he was alone.This shows Mr Trafford’s integrity. If he cares enough to pick up other’s rubbish, he cares about the school.He cares about the children, his staff. He is a good leader.Not because he picks up litter, but has personal integrity.People notice this, are influenced positively, and follow.Jesus said, “If you really are my followers, and do as I have shown and said, you will know the truth. And this truth will set you free.”Do the right thing, always, and live as how were meant to, in His love, His joy, and His perfect peace.Check our website out…call in…or call me! I would love to chat and meet new folk.

Blessings, Pastor Andy.

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