MND finances £££

By | 4th June 2020

Good evening folk. I received a phone call today from a member. They tried to set up a direct debit/standing order between their bank and us. (Thank you!). They failed because we had a number missing on our account number on this site! So…please see on the top row (2nd from right) the tab ‘GIVING’. It is now correct an works!

We are NOT about money, but are biblically called to ‘give with a cheerful heart.’ Our strap-line is God IN, love OUT. We are supporting Home Mission, Baptist Missionary Society, Brighter Future, CAM International, and more. It amazes me how our little church punches above our weight. God has/is/will always provide, provides through our actions, and as he Abides In US, knows our hearts. Thanks everso to all who give, in whatever form, and be blessed. Pastor Andy <><