Lion video…nobody sets out from taking tablets to fighting lions!

By | 10th August 2016 video

I did not show this in church today as involves violence, (you don’t see any blood…and the chap is interviewed at end!)

I was searching ‘lion’, thinking of Genesis 4:7, where we are warned sin is always crouching nearby like a lion.

Sin is separation from our loving God. Sin very often starts with a tiny decision to do something you know is wrong, but you make your own excuses. Then it is all too easy to get a bigger ‘fix’ for whatever that short term desire is, and sin sneakily gets you more & more.

This fella ended up on amphetamine, (available around Morton), literally fighting lions.

I hope this makes YOU think about that little temptation or desire you WILL have.

Be richly blessed, Pastor Andy.

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