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By | 29th April 2016

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Dear CAM International prayer partners,


Here are the prayer items for Newslink, 29 April 2016.


Sorry this week’s Newslink is late. It was not possible to send it from Nyangombe on Tuesday.



Carol Seymour and Ginny Perkins have had a fruitful week or so of ministry, with a good response at Kasapa prison, but serious problems with food supplies. Pray for them as they continue to help with the prison ministry. Yesterday they did recordings for TV/Radio, with a full team and good testimonies continue to come in showing how God uses these programmes. Praise God for this ministry! Pray for assemblies at the Lighthouse primary school on Saturday. Pray for a visit to a Bike Evangelism church on Sunday – put off from last week. There has been an increase in armed robbery in the area. Pray for security at the Centre.

Lloyd Rowlands spoke last Sunday at the big Kamalondo church in Lubumbashi, with up to 3,000 in the congregation. God blessed his ministry and he now has an open door to return there at any time. Praise God! Thank you to all who prayed for this opening.People are beginning to harvest their crops at Tumbwe. Pray for them to find ways to get the crops into the city without a huge cost.

Sandy Rowlands was ministering in song at the Living Waters church on Sunday. Pray for this ministry to continue and develop. Pray for Sandy’s teaching programme – four mornings a week at the Lighthouse School and also helping the discipleship group at the Lighthouse.



Andrew & Lyn Ramsey have just spent a week at Nyangombe, ministering at the Ladies’ Conference for five full days (22-26 April) – two sessions a day each. There were about 120 ladies attending, full of enthusiasm to learn from the Bible. (The Conference was ten days, with 40 sessions of teaching altogether, and the ladies never seemed to tire.) Thank God for this opportunity for the Ramseys.The Conference finishes today. Pray that the ladies will be blessed and encouraged as they go home and will apply what they have learned.

Yesterday (Thursday) the Ramseys returned to Ndola (11-hr drive). Pray for them both as they minister Sat afternoon at the Elim Youth Conference at the Itawa church, and for Andrew speaking at Pastor Ziso’s church Friday and Saturday evenings and Sunday morning.

Gordon & Sybil McKillop provided generous hospitality for the Ramseys as well as continuing with their normal routines. They ask us to pray (1) for friends and children at a nearby children’s home, that the sickness bug affecting them all will end; (2) for a Nyangombe teacher going out to teach in 7 village churches in 7 days – for safe travel and God’s anointing; (3) for the next Bible School starting in early May.



Pray for the Bible teaching programmes being recorded for National TV in the recording studio that has been set up in Addis Ababa (one of CAM’s Centenary projects), and for Mamusha the main teacher. Pray for the teaching to have a great impact.



Wanderley & Rosaria da Silva should have arrived back in Chimoio on Wednesday. During their 3-month break in Brazil, they were able to complete their medical and dental checks and treatments. Everything was in order, although Wanderley will need annual check-ups for his eyes, which need regular eye drops. Praise God. Pray that they will continue in good health. Pray for them as they resume their different ministries. Pray for peace in Mozambique.


Thank you for praying. Your prayers are greatly appreciated by all our CAM personnel.


Compiled by Lyn Ramsey. The next Newslink will be sent on Tuesday 3 Ma

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