Big Bike ride this Saturday 27th :-)

By | 22nd June 2015

Pastor Andy McManus and church friends are cycling this Saturday 11am-4pm in Morton High St starting from the A15 junction and finishing opposite the Morton New Day Baptist church.

This is only 240metres! So to make this more of a challenge the back wheel is on rollers, and every 10 miles ‘actually measured‘ cycling, the bike physically moves 40 metres up the road. This means 60 miles needs to be covered by the team, some of whom are quite elderly.
This is in aid of the centenary of Central African Mission International, (CAMI). Pastor Andy has spent time in Zambia & the Democratic Republic of Congo supporting CAMI missionaries in Christian outreach.
He said, “CAMI are amazing. The 2 ladies I stayed with recently have built schools, churches, and more. These have been going for decades and are growing by the local people finding faith and getting stuck in. One of the CAMI projects is ‘Bike Evangelism.’ Local leaders are identified, trained, equipped, and sent out on CAMI bikes everywhere from city centres up into Bush country. More churches are spread, people are clothed, fed, trained, and communities transformed. We just want to raise awareness of this excellent work and they need and deserve our help.”
They held a practice last week in Dyke Chapel and were helped by Dr Jon Griffiths and Wpc McManus, both keen cyclists.
Pastor Andy said, “Please come and cheer the team on this Saturday if you canDr John
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