29.Nov, can you help with Bourne Foodbank???

By | 29th November 2020

If you have any of the below, no matter how little, please call/text Andy and I will collect. I can record/collect any Christmas video clips of you for Christmas morning as well 🙂

Bourne Foodbank would be grateful for… – 
Mince pies, Microwaveable Christmas puddings / sponge puddings, Custard, jelly, tinned fruit & desserts, Savoury tinned pies, Marmalade, honey. Juices. Toiletries, shower gel, shampoo. Any other day-to-day items with long sell-by dates although they seem to have an abundance of soap, pasta, rice and biscuits at the moment.We need to put a ‘cut-off’ date on this we think – so perhaps by 8th December would be wise. Look after yourselves and thank you.