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By | 2nd April 2020
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COVID-19 Causes Growth In Prayer3 April 2020

Researchers have found that the crisis and uncertainty around the global COVID-19 pandemic is causing a growth in religious interest.

Jeanet Bentzen from the University of Copenhagen has been researching global religious interest via the growth in Google searches for ‘prayer’ for many years.

Bentzen has found that in times of crisis there is greater interest in prayer and there is a growth in the Google searches for prayer. She states “…prayer intensity has sky-rocketed in the month of March 2020.”Some may suggest this is just superstition, people looking for religion in uncertain times.

Another way of looking at this phenomenon is that when life is easy we don’t think about deeper issues. When life is tough we are forced to ask: what matters?, why am I here?, who can help? At those times, looking for God becomes a very significant option.

Don’t miss this period of time as an opportunity to build your personal faith in Jesus.

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