17.Apr, some ‘creative Christian craft’ from Kay/Spring Harvest…

By | 17th April 2020

Hi everyone

above is to a link that was shared on Spring Harvest online this week.  

Basically the idea is to make a 12cm sq + 2cm extra for sewing together later….then prayerfully, perhaps thinking of scripture, or a single word etc on how this lockdown has made you reflect and how/if God has spoke to you.  My thoughts have been things like, Hope, Peace, Rest, Light of the world in this darkness..Psalm 91.  Rainbow for NHS etc….could be anything.

it’s probably easier to watch video!

i would like to make a wall hanging for church (and if you want to make a square for spring harvest the details are on the video)….I think it would be a lovely thing to do and perhaps help us to remember how God spoke to us during this time.  You don’t have to be brilliant at sewing etc….

if you need any squares making let me know and I’ll cut some out and get them to you…can be any colours etc (Iwill wash them etc)

Happy sewing, God bless xx Missing you all xxx


can you perhaps pass on to Dyke?


perhaps the girls would like to do one??  Attachments areaPreview YouTube video Stitch and Sew a Patchwork Prayer – with Harlequin ArtsStitch and Sew a Patchwork Prayer – with Harlequin Arts

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