12.May. Pastor’s update :-)

By | 12th May 2020

Good evening you lovely folk. Kay and I are missing you all. Obviously, nothing is as good as seeing you face to face, or even a hug, but we are doing our best using these new-fangled computers!

Kay has her special ENCOUNTER service which will be tomorrow’s daily entry. Please join us if you can, it really is a special time.

I encourage you to send me short video clips. As a prompt, maybe you can think about…”What are your personal experience(s) that enable you to trust in God?”

An easy way is to just sit at your laptop and find ‘camera.’ This will have a video setting and off you go! Then email it to me. Similar with trendy mobile phones!

So…if you’ve got 10 mins to spare, (ha ha!), video your thoughts and with your permission we can share on here!

Finally, we are reading 1 Thessalonians. There are 3 main steps of; Faith, Love, (from that Faith), and finally Hope, (from His love). Hope in the present, because He loves you 100%, indwells, and never forsakes you. Hope in our future, because we will meet Him one day, and that, my friend, is perfect Heaven, new bodies, no separation or grief. Just His love. As we are meant to be. Wow!

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